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Pristine Prep is an education consulting service devoted to helping families navigate the K-12 education system and post secondary pathways!

We have experience in the following areas:

Charter Schools | Early College | Quest Bridge National College Match | HBCU Acceptances | IVY League Acceptances | Title I | A+ Schools of NC | 504 Plans | Pre-College Programs | Academic and Behavior Interventions (RTI) | McKinney Vento | First Generation College Students | Military Dependents | DACA and DREAMers



Victoria Morrow
Victoria M.
North Carolina Central University

My college planning experience with Ms. Crews was amazing. She helped me find a school that was best fit for me. She also led me to various scholarship opportunities and helped me put my best foot forward when applying. 

Alexis Curtis
Alexis C.
UNC Charlotte

Planning for college and your future is stressful but having someone like Ms.Crews is of great benefit. She helped me to outline my goals and create a path leading to success. When I applied to college I felt prepared because she had taken the time to help me make a plan that would best support what I was trying to achieve.

Nathan Grant
Nathan G.
Oakwood University

College Planning with Ms. Crews was a superb experience. She takes the stress of getting into college and choosing a college away, making it an almost seamless experience and easy transition.

Samantha Rojas
Samantha R.
Pace University

Ms.Crews made the college process for me so easy & smooth. I was at ease & I felt like I was provided with a ton of help from her. One thing that I believe that helped this become easier was that during my junior year she assigned us to do a college portfolio. This helped me put together the things I needed before applying for college. When I did start applying, this portfolio was super helpful. Everything I needed was all in one place & I thank Ms.Crews so much for helping me put this together. She also helped me find colleges outside of my state & was on time with submitting my transcripts & recommendations. Ms.Crews was such a great help to me & thanks to her I’m in such a good place in my college journey right now!

Ale Caceres
Ale C.
UNC Chapel Hill

Mrs.Crews is fantastic!!!! As a first-generation college student, I did not have any guidance at home to help navigate the college application process, and Mrs.Crews was there for me every step of the way. She was there to help enhance my common app application, guide me throughout the FAFSA application, edit my personal essays, give me scholarship resources, and interpret my financial aid rewards. I was offered a full-ride to a Appalachian state university on a diversity scholarship and was accepted into the UNC-Chapel Hill Honors program with her help. I don't think I would have felt confident or even known about these amazing opportunities without her. I feel more knowledgeable about the college application process after meeting Mrs.Crews and would 10/10 recommend getting help from her because she definitely knows the ins and outs of college and career-building!

Alejandro M.
New York University

I truly feel, that without Ms. Crews gentle but firm guidance I would not have had the courage or understanding to apply for NYU. To many people NYU is a far away dream. To me, at least, it felt like an impossible dream. However, when I first told Ms. Crews NYU was my dream university she asked me, "Are you sure? NYU is an extremely competitive University." And I responded with an extremely timid, "Yes." All Ms. Crews replied was "Well, then, we're getting you into NYU." At no time in my application process did I ever worry about whether I was bothering Ms. Crews, she always made sure I knew I was welcome to ask for assistance. She was an essential guiding hand throughout the essay writing process (trust me, you're gonna need her help), the application process, the NYU tour process, and the communication process. Without her help, I'm 100% sure I would have been passed over in the rigorous selection process. Yes, Ms. Crews helped me to complete my application, but even more importantly she helped me to give myself a chance to achieve greatness.

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